Our mission is to provide a home for artists to pursue their passions through professional training in performing arts. 

Ovation Academy is a unique School of Performing Arts. We provide onsite training in the disciplines of Dance, Acting, Musical Theatre and Theatrical Production & Design as well as the business of being a professional artist and the life-skills needed to succeed in the industry. Our students are trained to be highly technical artists with a sense of community and humility. Philanthropy and Community Outreach are central themes at Ovation Academy. Through the talents our students possess we strive to make a difference in our community by giving back and helping those around us. Ovation Academy encourages constant industry immersion. We provide field-trip opportunities in order for our students to grasp all aspects of the world of performing arts. We bring in industry leaders to assist in the high-level training our students receive, providing different styles and perspectives throughout their education. We encourage students to pursue opportunities to audition and work while continuing their arts education with Ovation Academy. Additionally, we provide networking opportunities with talent scouts, managers, agents and directors as well as elite college recruiters. We equip our students to be good-hearted people as well as hard-working professionals and respectable leaders. Ovation Academy was founded to provide a home for artists to pursue their passions through professional training in the performing arts. Our vision is to offer opportunities which provide the technique, life-skills, experiences and connections necessary to succeed in the industry. Ovation Academy strives to produce knowledgeable, respectful, empathetic and impactful artists who will contribute to their communities and to the performing arts industry. We believe in creating a supportive, inclusive, collaborative and safe environment for artists to thrive.

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