Humanitarianism is a core value taught at Ovation Academy. We believe that philanthropy is a vital part of creating a stable community. Our students are required to participate in projects which utilize their talents and passion to make the world a better place. Through volunteer service students gain empathy and and life-lessons we cannot teach in the classroom. 

If you have an opportunity for our students to be involved in the community please contact us to let us know how we can help. 


Community Service Projects

This year we selected 7 Non-Profit Organizations

to showcase and serve. Click on their logo to learn more about their mission and organization. 

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The Red Door

Food Pantry

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Practice, Parks and Picnics

Twice per month (weather permitting) Ovation students take their lessons outside to a local park.

New environments help refocus students as well as provide new innovative ideas to flow.

While practicing their skills they will also serve the community through a park clean-up.

This learning opportunity provides students with a chance to give back to their community and to bond through a picnic social.

Adam's Animals

Ovation Academy proudly supports Adam's Animals. We will do an annual donation drive for new stuffed animals each October.

Baby Booties Diaper Bank

Our mission is to meet the overlooked need for diapers and diapering supplies for families of infants and toddlers in Collin County.  We strive to close the diaper gap and keep babies clean, dry and healthy!​


Baby Booties provides free diapers and wipes and potty training readiness kits and there are no requirements other than a need for a clean and happy baby.

Ovation Academy proudly supports Baby Booties Diaper Bank. We will provide discounted admission when audience members bring in a donation!

Trusted World

Trusted World specializes in the collection and distribution of goods, such as food, clothing and personal care items. Our strength is in our mission, as we are committed to providing to providing the best resources, for free, to people or organizations who are providing services on someone else’s behalf. 

We work with school counselors, social workers, police departments, and other non profits. These people are on the front line of communication with the people in our community who are in need of personal care products, clothing and food. 

Ovation Academy proudly serves as a donation site for Trusted World Organization. Donations can be made at any time in our lobby.