Vocal Technique will be offered as private lessons and for Conservatory Students ONLY at this time. 
Fridays are reserved for Conservatory FLEX Friday career and character development activities. 
Private Music and Dance lessons ARE included for Conservatory students.
Private lessons may be scheduled with the lesson instructors based on their availability and rates for all other students. 
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Flex Fridays

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Course Descriptions

Homeschool and Conservatory Classes

Acting Methods 
This course develops proficiency in acting by promoting an understanding of the methods, principles, practices and vocabulary common for all acting styles from Greek through modern texts. It explores the most influential acting techniques and teachers including; Stella Adler, Stanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Brecht, Stanislavsky, Uda Hagen, Michael Chekhov, Viola Spolin and Suzuki among others. 
Classical Acting Styles (High School Only)
In this course, students study the acting style of the Greek Theatre, the Commedia dell’Arte, Shakespearean plays, the Restoration, and Melodrama.
This course is meant to introduce students to specific techniques necessary for commercial and radio voice acting including, audition techniques and voice demo reels.
Film and Commercial Acting
Learn to navigate movement for your filmed performance and trust the camera’s ability to capture your emotion and intention. Self-tape and demo reels will be created within the course. 
Acting Audition Prep
This course will prepare actors for stage acting auditions including monologues, cold readings, call backs and improvised scene work. Students will also learn how to find auditions and create their virtual profiles. 
Acting Improvisation
In this course, students study the basic elements of improvisational acting and improvisational theatre. In addition, students study ways of preparing modern and classical monologues. The courses challenges students to use a process of character development and expand their creative processes.
Devising Original Theatre
This course directs students to analyze their own creative process and guides them through exercises for personal investigation and growth to create original work. 
Technical Theatre
This course is an introductory course in stage production that gives students experience in management, design, scenic and costume construction, and stage sound and lighting.

Stage Craft
This course 
introduces students to a practical approach to technical and production aspects. Students learn the skills needed to construct scenery, hang and focus lighting instruments, and implement a sound system. Students are trained in the usage of tools, lumber, and machinery.
Stage Management
This course affords students the opportunity to acquire and develop administrative skills that are commonly used in the management of theatre spaces and productions. Students apply a myriad of technical theatre concepts and skills along with developing knowledge and skills associated with production responsibilities, arts administration, theatre management, and applications of previously acquired theatre arts studies.
Theatrical Design
This course provides students with a rigorous and relevant experiential study of theatre along with video and audio design. Creation and analysis of student performances will be balanced with explorations into contemporary practices in digital media. Students will learn how to bridge traditional stagecraft with current technology applications to create new media, such as animations, digital images, multimedia presentation, digital video, websites and interactive performances. 
Costume/Make-up (Visual Arts for the Stage)
Students will learn all the basic sewing stitches and techniques. Throughout the year students will build numerous costume pieces, design costume plots and hopefully work backstage of a production. This class will cover costume history, drawing, design, color palettes, costume construction and portfolio design. Students will be exposed to the basics of stage make-up. Students will learn old age, fantasy, gore, and multi media makeup. Students will be expected to purchase various supplies that will be intended for their personal use only.
Acting Through Song
This course is an introductory course for actors who want to sing. Students will learn to incorporate characterization and subtext to tell stories through song. 
Musical Theatre
Students will review the history of musicals, assess different career options and receive training in audition techniques and resume preparation. Additionally, the course will also provide instruction on the three main elements of music theatre song, drama and dance--and create a framework in which these are blended into an individualized performance style.
Musical Theatre Rep.
This course prepares musical theatre performers for audition and performance through building their rep book with various genres and composers literature. They will learn to create, notate and perform the material in their book. 

Broadway Appreciation
Learn the history of Broadway /Off-Broadway including plays, musicals and avant-garde. This course will examine notable playwrights, directors, choreographers, producers, performers and theaters throughout history.

Film Appreciation
Film appreciation is a course that explores the world of film and filmmaking. We will examine the styles of film, and the techniques used in making a film, and some of the stylistic theories.

College Audition Prep
This course will assist Juniors and Seniors through the research, application and pre-screen process of college auditions for actors, technicians, musical theatre performers and dancers. 
Movement for Actors - Physical Theatre
Physical Theatre is an performance based course where physical movement is the primary method of storytelling; as opposed to, say, text in a play or music and lyrics in an opera. Also, it may incorporate other techniques such as mime, gesture and modern dance to create performance pieces.

Puppetry & Puppet Building
This is a broad introduction to the art of puppetry which includes both puppetry performance techniques and puppet making.

Theatrical Directing
This course equips students with both the practical skills and the theoretical knowledge necessary to create one's own performances. Students will present a one-act play festival in the Spring semester. 

Special FX for the Stage
This class teaches artists to draw from numerous fields of art and science to design and construct astonishing illusions that pull audiences into the world of the show.

Music Theory I 
Learn the foundations of music reading including essential skills like sight singing and basic keyboard/piano.  Among the subjects covered are note reading, time signatures, key signatures, major and minor scales, introduction to chords, aural skills, and a history of western classical music.
Music Theory II
Deepen your understanding of music theory through practical application.  Students will compose in a variety of styles, learn conducting, advanced sight singing, modes, overtones, the blues scale, and musical forms.  We will listen to musical genres from around the world and do a deep dive into the histories of music in America.

AP Music Theory & Music Pedagogy
This collegiate level music theory class will prepare you for the AP test including skills like musical analysis, dictation, secondary function harmony, and figured bass.  Additionally, you will have the opportunity to conduct, coach, and music direct.  You will work closely with faculty to prep with conducting and pedagogy strategies.  

This course for beginning or experienced songwriters, focuses on basic songwriting styles and techniques. Students will be shown easy to understand methods to develop the necessary skills to compose well-crafted lyrics and music. Focusing on melody writing and lyric structure, your instructor will encourage you to develop your own personal musical identity.  Some songs may be selected to workshop with the CCM Jam Band or to perform at SOS or the Ovation Music Concert.  

Beginner Guitar
In this class students will be learning the basic fundamental skills needed for learning to play the guitar. Students will work on beginner music theory, finger mechanics, rhythm, melody, chords and building their ears to excel in music.

Advanced Guitar
In this class students will be build upon their knowledge of the fundamental skills needed for learning to play the guitar. Students will work on advanced music theory, finger mechanics, rhythm, melody, chords and building their ears to excel in music.

Beginner Piano
Learn piano in this fun small group class.  Learn how to read music at the piano, build your technique, and learn some simple piano pieces - because playing music is fun!!  BYOEK (Bring Your Own Electric Keyboard).

Intermediate/Advanced Piano
Intermediate: Do you already know how to play simple rhythms and easily find all the notes on the piano?  Then this group piano class is probably just right for you!  (This class follows our Beginner Piano class or Music Theory I.)  Work on playing scales, chord progressions, and learn even more piano pieces - because playing music is fun!!  BYOEK (Bring Your Own Electric Keyboard). Advanced:  This group class is perfect for students who already have a fair amount of experience with piano lessons. This group setting allows for a fun approach to practicing scales, speed drills, and sight reading.  Students will have the opportunity to practice performing for each other in class.  This class is a wonderful compliment for students who are currently taking private piano lessons or those who want to dust off their skills.  BYOEK (Bring Your Own Electric Keyboard -if possible).

Ovation Chamber Choir

Join us for homeschool choir!!  This elite chamber choir is open by audition to high school students.  You will sing a wide variety of choral music from classical standards to contemporary hits.  You will practice music reading skills, exercise your voice, and make choir friends. The chamber choir will perform at the Ovation Spring Music Concert, Music SOS, and Brown Bag Black Box Lunches.  Recent studies have shown many incredible benefits from choral singing.  Contact us today to schedule a low pressure audition and get some of those mind and body benefits for yourself. 

Classical Chamber Instrumental Ensemble
This instrumental ensemble is open by audition to high school musicians.  This group is the perfect opportunity to collaborate with other advanced high school instrumentalists.  Join us to coach with master musicians, learn new music, and help select exciting repertoire.  Performs at the Ovation Music Concert, the Music SOS, Brown Bag Black Box Lunches and events throughout McKinney.  Contact us today to schedule an audition! 

Opera Workshop
This is a select class for moderate to advanced classical singers.  Each student will be cast in an opera scene and will receive vocal training, musical coaching, diction lessons, acting coaching as we prepare the scenes for an informal performance.  With teacher permission, students may also workshop classical repertoire for college auditions in this class.  

History of Rock & Roll
This course is a course designed to familiarize the student with the history of Rock music. Prominent players and groups of each era will be covered, as well as sociological, economic and cultural factors that shaped the many styles of Rock music.

Commercial & Contemporary (CCM) Jam Band
The Contemporary Commercial Jam Band is open to instrumentalists and vocalists who want to “rock out” in a pop, country, blues, or rock style.  This class will hone your musicianship, performance and collaborative skills.  You get to work together to select songs and make a set list.  The CCM Jam Band will perform at events throughout McKinney, at the Music SOS, Brown Bag Black Box Lunches, and the Ovation Spring Music Concert.  Contact us today to schedule a low pressure audition.

Music Appreciation
This class is great for students who need a performing art credit but are NOT interested in performing!  In this introductory class, we will study a variety of music genres from classical music to contemporary hits.  We will learn about musical styles and forms so that you can discuss music at a party.  And we  will learn the basics of music reading - so it doesn’t look like a foreign language or secret code. 
Vocal Technique
In this private voice lesson each student will receive individualized instruction designed to improve their vocal tone, breathing, diction, musicianship, artistry, range, intonation, and expression.  They will receive coaching on their solo repertoire for performances and auditions.  They will have the opportunity to compete in NATS and Trekorda competitions and to perform in the Ovation Music Concert, Music SOS, and various other events.  
Ballet Technique and Variations I & II
This class will focus on ballet terminology and technique through the execution of barre work, center, across the floor exercises, and classical variations. Students will have a clear understanding of body alignment, movement quality, carriage of upper body, and flexibility.
Commercial and Contemporary Jazz I & II
This class will focus on learning stylized commercial jazz technique such as isolations of the body, turns and leaps, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns. Students will be exposed to various styles of jazz such LA/New York styles, Classical Jazz, Jazz Funk, and Performance Based Jazz. 
Tap I & II
This class is designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement.
Urban Dance and Hip Hop
This class will teach rhythm, coordination, musicality and choreography reflective of hip hop culture and its progressive influence on the national narrative. Students are challenged to think on their feet while enjoying an energetic and fast-paced dance class. Hip Hop dancers develop focus, strength, and agility while developing appreciation for hip hop cuture and a greter understanding of marginalized communities. 
This class combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet and fuses that with the dancer's individual emotional connection to their body. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements and expansive experiences. 
Dance Technique
This course is focused on the advanced dancer. An emphasis will be placed on style, technique and choreography. This class will also allow students to explore and prepare for different avenues of dance performance beyond high school.
Yoga, Stretch and Mindful Movement
Utilizing a combination of Yoga, Pilates and various stretching and conditioning techniques, students will focus on learning how to stretch correctly by releasing overall tension, releasing muscle tension, and relaxing the mind, while defining specific muscles groups. This class focuses on core strength development through low-impact exercise, designed to tone up the body and uplift the dancer. The goal is enhanced mind body awareness, confidence, and emotional secuirty.

Musical Theatre Jazz
A form of theatrical dancing that combines the songs of Broadway musicals with the movement of classic jazz styles. This high-energy class will prepare any dancer for production performance!

Performance Ensemble
This is the rehearsal course reserve for the Conservatory Performance Ensemble. Under the direction of Marquita De Jesus, participating dancers will learn, rehearse and perform various works showcasing numerous styles of dance genres through the community in events throughout the year. Members must be Conservatory Students but do not have to be Dance Majors. 
Enrichment Classes
Creative Writing/Playwriting
This course provides an array of opportunities for creative written expression: poetry, short fiction, vignette, autobiography, dramatic and screen writing are included. Students will perfect their critical-reading skills through reading, discussion and writing assignments. Also they will learn the conventions of critique and collaboration in a workshop setting.
The SAT/ACT course will include the study of vocabulary, syntax and other writing skills, reading passage analysis, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, data analysis, and problem-solving as they relate to the type of questions asked on the SAT/ACT tests. Students will have many opportunities to take sample tests, discuss questions and answers with peers and instructors, and to correct answers they missed as this has proven to be one of the most effective methods for increasing test scores. Students will also be exposed to many helpful time-saving test-taking strategies.
Independent Study
This course allows students an opportunity to explore fields of study outside the offered courses. Students develop a research portfolio that has a collection of resources including interviews and observations with people who work in their chosen topic field. Students work on time management, communication, goal setting, and presentation skills. Second semester, they work with mentors on a regular basis to gain real-world experience. Students are expected to generate original ideas, participate in extensive research, complete a written analysis of their research, and design original products or innovative performances. Students are expected to make formal presentations of their projects before professionals in that field.

Competitive Speech & Debate
Students will prepare competitive level material for local, state and national level tournaments in speech & debate. There is an additional fee and time commitment for this course outside of the course tuition and hours. 

Visual Arts

Students investigate a wide range of media and techniques, from both an historical and contemporary perspective, as they engage in the art-making processes of creating two and three-dimensional works, which may include drawing, painting, sculpture and/or collage.

Voice & Diction (for Actors and Singers)
This course examines healthy technique for actors and singers including learning placement, resonance, anatomy of the voice and breathing. The course also includes an introduction to various accents and dialects. 

Production Choreography & Production Music
Conservatory students who are participating in the Academy musicals will enroll in these courses to prepare the choreography and music for the productions. Additional rehearsals will be on Fridays during Flex Friday.