Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of school is Ovation Academy?


Ovation Academy is an alternative approach to traditional education. We are a Performing Arts Conservatory Academy. Ovation Academy is a Non-Profit Educational Organization designed to train and mentor performing artists. Depending on your choice of academic program, students enrolled in our Full-Immersion program can also be public school students through an online or virtual academy. Ovation has certified teachers on site to assist with learning and monitor progress. We offer a Homeschool  option for those who choose to complete their academics at home. Ovation Academy provides instruction, guidance and mentoring as desired by each individual family. In this day and age, the needs of students are not always met in traditional education. Students are forced to take courses which are unnecessary to their desired path in life in order to check a box on a traditional public/private school transcript. Through Ovation Academy students may focus on the art form they are passionate about without sacrificing precious time by taking an abundance of courses they will not use in their lifetime based on their chosen profession. The level of Arts education and exposure our students receive is far beyond that provided through traditional public and private schools. Often times young performers are punished by the public school system for being involved in the professional industry due to attendance requirements. At Ovation classes are flexible and individualized. Our students are encouraged to find work in their field if possible. Another setback for many young artists is the multitude of schedule conflicts due to the mandatory events at school which conflict with their rehearsal or performance schedules outside of school. At Ovation, our students will be trained during the school hours 8am-4pm allowing them to commit to outside opportunities as they desire. We will produce at least 1 full school production per semester which will only require 1 week commitment outside of normal educational hours. Each class will also have a performance at the conclusion of the course.  Many of the Ovation Academy Performing Arts courses will supplement for required credits if students are enrolled in a homeschool or online program. Please check with the program you are using to see if our classes with count towards credit. 

Will I be able to go to college if I graduate from Ovation Academy?

Yes! College acceptance and Scholarships are one of our main goals! We strive to prepare our students for acceptance into the top Collegiate programs which includes being academically well-rounded, technically trained, as well as showing your contributions to the community and commitment to your art. Ovation Academy has a working relationship with numerous Universities to ensure that we are equipping our students with the tools needed to be accepted and successful. If you use iUniversity Prep or another accredited academic program, you will have an official public school transcript including a GPA, Class Rank and course completion. 

Does Ovation Academy offer Talent Management or act as my Agent?


No. Ovation Academy is solely designed to provide training, experience and networking opportunities to our students. We will have an Industry Showcase at the end of the year where Agents, Casting Directors, Talent Scouts and College Recruiters are invited to see you perform. Ovation Academy will also provide networking opportunities and bring in experts in these fields to teach classes and workshops to our students as part of your curriculum throughout the year. We will refer our students to reputable and trustworthy resources if that is the path they wish to take. However, many of our students have gained opportunities due to being an Ovation Academy student and we will help you network and make connections which will further your career.

Can I still participate at the Theatre/Dance Studio I have been involved in outside of Ovation?

Absolutely! Ovation Academy students are strongly encouraged to go out and work in the Arts community whether it be with us or anyone else. We feel that young artists need to learn and experience a variety of directing styles and programs in  order to be adaptable in the professional world. Many Ovation Academy students are already working professionals in television, film, theatre, dance, music and other art forms. Attending Ovation Academy allows the flexibility to work during the day if needed as well as opening up your evenings to participate with your desired company. Unlike public schools, we will not hold rehearsals and events in the evenings or on weekends, with the exception of our performance tech weeks/performances and optional competitions. 


Do I need to audition to attend Ovation Academy?

Full-Immersion students only: Yes! Auditions will be held on select dates in May-Mid-August and Nov-Dec. Students must register for an audition online and complete the Entrance Application before being admitted to Ovation Academy. There is a $25 application/audition fee. The deposit ($500) for the Full-Immersion program will be credited towards your 1st moth's tuition. The deposit must be paid within 2 weeks of acceptance to hold your spot. There is an annual $75 registration fee for ALL students. You will receive a t-shirt AND sweatshirt with your enrollment fee. Registration will open for Homeschool  students in June and is ongoing as long as spots are available. Homeschoolers who wish to be placed in advanced level courses will also need to audition. Please refer to the Audition tab under Join Ovation!


How many spaces do you have available?

For the 2021-22 school year we will accept up to 12 students per grade level. 

We will accept Homeschool Co-Op Program students until classes are full. 

We will accept up to 15 Elementary Homeschool students at this time. 

What is the Student-Teacher Ratio for Ovation Academy classes?


At Ovation our students are not just a number! We keep class sizes small and individualize the training each student receives. 


Will you follow the same schedule as the local public school?


Not exactly.  Our breaks will align with most public school calendars but we add in addition breaks as well. This allows students’ bodies and minds to rest and the staff to attend professional development. Therefore, we do go a bit longer than most local public schools. Grading periods are quarterly. Students will still complete a full 36 weeks. Our schedule is posted under the Calendar tab.