What makes a successful 

Ovation Academy student?

  • A student who leaves their ego behind in order to grow as an artist, support their peers and give back to their community

  • A student who is passionate about their craft and who wants to work hard to develop technique and gain experience

  • A student who desires to use their talents to make the world a better place

  • A student who is accepting and tolerant of others and who can empathize well with those different than themselves

  • A student who works as a team to create art that is respectable and creative

  • A student who is self-motivated and independent but who can equally be a part of an ensemble and encourage their peers

  • A student who is respectful of their art, their instructors and their peers

  • A student who desires to be successful in their art and who is willing to put in the effort it takes to make it happen

  • A student who trusts their instructors and mentors to assist in their journey

  • A student who strives to continue their training at the professional or collegiate level

Full-Immersion Arts Education Students

The Ovation Academy full-immersion program is designed for students who are serious about pursuing a career in the performing arts. Our education model allows for flexibility to audition and work while fulfilling state education requirements and continuing to grow in technique and experience. We strive to prepare our students for success at the collegiate and professional levels through in depth training, community outreach and networking opportunities. 

Homeschool Co-Op Students

The Ovation Academy Homeschool Co-op program is designed for homeschooled students who are looking for a technique based and in depth option for their arts enrichment courses. These students can also be serious about pursuing a career in the performing arts but it is not a requirement. Co-op students will not participate in any academic study courses through Ovation Academy. Co-op participants must commit to their courses for a semester at a time and may take as few or as many courses in whichever majors they choose. Approval is required for advanced courses. Co-op students may join Ovation Academy for field-trips, community outreach and networking opportunities. Additional fees may apply for some activities. 

After-school Enrichment Students

The Ovation Academy After-school Enrichment program is designed for any student who is looking for a technique based and in depth option for their dance, theatre or music training. These programs are OPEN to the community. After-school enrichment classes are offered in tandem with our partners at PDT Dance Arts and with our private lesson instructors. All Enrichment courses will be held after 4pm or on Saturdays.


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Saturday: 10:30am-4pm


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